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Hints on How to Pay Immigration Bond

If you asked anyone who has ever been detained by the ICE court, they can explain to you what the worst news mean. This might be after rubbing shoulders with the immigration department officers by finding themselves on the other side of the law. But, because you never know about tomorrow, you should read this article to the end so that you can equip yourself with a few facts on the way forward when faced with such a situation. In case, you are caught unaware and your loved one is in custody, you may have all the money, but lack a clue on modalities of paying for the immigration bond. The following tips will guide you in paying an immigration bond for your loved one.

Notifying the ICE on when you would be posting the bond is the first aspect that you can consider. In order to achieve this with ease, you can opt to visit the ICE offices in person or speak the officers through a call. Nevertheless, just before posting the bond, make sure that you are sure of the total amount required as well as full details of the immigrant. At this point you are free to assure the ICE officers when you will be posting the bond. It is important to note that you are supposed to wait for a call from ICE officials assuring you that the detainees release will be imminent as soon as the bond is posted.

Bond payment is the next hint to consider when having your immigrant release by ICE. You must inquire in which form that this payment is made. You must note that ICE accepts money from certified bank cheque or U.S postal money orders. You should not waste your time using personal cheque as it will not be accepted. It is worth knowing where this payment should be made to. You must make sure that you fill payer and obligator details correctly. The law requires that obligators be U.S citizens or permanent residents with good standing. For obligators who are permanent residents, they must produce proof of citizenship or even their residency before they can be allowed to post the bond or sign as legit obligators.

The third aspect to consider when paying for an immigration bond is ensuring that the bond is posted. Posting takes some time, thus meaning that you have to visit ICE offices very early. The detainee will then be released the moment that bond id posted. After the process, it is advisable for you to keep signed copies of the document to help you make claims of your money later. The immigrant is also required to change their email details so that they can be able to get all the court notification for regular case hearing.

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